Foreskin smell
What the FUCK is wrong with you people? Foreskins are the foulest, most disgusting thing on the planet. I'd rather finger a dead corpse than see a foreskin, let alone let one get "cheesy" Wash your dicks. Do you want to get sick? I bet you do. I bet you LOVE that when you have stomach viruses, colds, and puking because of "head cheese:. Seriously, get some help. I admit I like the smell of pussy, and REGULAR dick, but uncirc is out of the question, They smell like death. So tell me, WTF is wrong

I suggest you mind your own business.  And uncut dicks are REGULAR dicks.  Cut dicks are altered.

  1. luvsstr8cock said: What is “wrong” is you are another brainwashed asshole who thinks a circumcised penis is proper and normal. It is neither. There is an evolutionary reason for the foreskin to exist. Smegma has a beneficial purpose to the proper health of human males.
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